You are the conduit to healthy behavior.

More than ever, emerging health technology is changing the game. For people that want to become and stay fit, tools like biometric devices and online tracking services can make all the difference. When participants opt-in to Sweat Equity Network, they use your products to capture the evidence-based data that turns into SEN points. For you the power of the SEN Coalition model is that it will bring you more customers and increase ROI, while the Coalition partners contribute the bulk of participant funding.

  • SEN reaches your target audience and will sell more of your health/fitness technology products and services.
  • The SEN incentive model helps you upsell more of your subscription service plans.
  • Create a new revenue stream — by promoting the SEN platform as part of your own offering, you become a broker and earn commissions.
“SEN creates context for people to actually use health/fitness technology on an ongoing basis. With SEN, biometric data feeds are essential. They’re the inspiration and motivation for people to become and to stay fit. For once this data is not relatively meaningless, essentially it’s now cash.”

—Dirk Bartels, Product Strategy Consultant
Why SEN works for technology providers

You’ve already changed the game

The media is abuzz with your fitness technology. Everything from heart rate monitors to pedometers to cycling power meters is becoming more and more a part of the fitness regimens of athletes worldwide.

We even see fitness data programs and technology that bridges major active lifestyle brands with the world’s largest entertainment companies. These video games, music/exercise programs and workout regimens are fun, fresh and innovative — and have huge participation rates.

Now change the target: from athletes to everyone else

As prices make your systems more accessible, it’s time to transition the experience from early adopters such as athletes and personal trainers to everyone else. By rewarding any and every participant for doing quantifiable, evidence-based healthy behaviors, Sweat Equity Network by its very existence will instantly increase trial and purchase of biometric devices and related tracking services.

Sweat Equity Network sells your technology for you

Think about it. Every SEN participant can maximize their point-earning potential by using evidenced-based tracking systems, like those you offer. Participants opt in for free. Even if only 20% of the potential millions of SEN participants are motivated to sign up for your services, how many more products will you sell? Yes, the earning potential is amazing.

Here is how you fit into the SEN Coalition. Think of yourself as the conduit — the connector — between the participant and all their evidence-based activity. By providing evidence-based tracking, you actuate participants’ fitness goals and aspirations into reality. You sponsor Sweat Equity Network points for purchase of your devices, systems and subscription services. They’ll earn those points for working out with your devices and tracking biometric data feeds that capture measurable fitness activity. Our participant site manages the comprehensive online experience that turns your data feeds into points.

The self-supported community model encourages — and awards — sharing. By talking about your fitness devices across the Network they will help sell more and more of your products. You can even sponsor this behavior. Plus, your value to us does not go unnoticed. If you choose to package and advertise the SEN platform with your product, we will pay you as a broker — a whole new stream of revenue. Not only does becoming a part of the Coalition drive trial, sales and renewals of services, but this you can also be a SEN broker. Change people, they adopt and everyone wins.

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Sweat Equity Network for technology providers

The conduit of engagement

Your businesses are the great connectors. Participants will earn sponsored points in dozens of ways by engaging with the many SEN-sponsored experiences of the Coalition. They use you to track their adoption of healthy behaviors and turn their sweat into equity.

Real rewards

Providing participants the kind of rewards that they actually desire is truly motivational and increases the opportunity for long-term program adoption. And when they adopt, they stay fit. For you, that means continual usage, upgrades and subscription renewals. And when they’ve worn out your device, they buy the next generation model.

A self-service community

SEN is a self-service online community and that reduces support costs by more than 90%. With inspiring virtual events, challenges and instant access to opportunities provided by the Coalition, continued high-engagement becomes the norm. The more they increase their social status through the network — participate, recruit and engage — the more points they’ll earn.

Customize it

The SEN platform easily integrates and scales and can be completely customized to deliver specific program objectives — you can set your own point distribution rates that make the most sense to your business plan. White box solutions are available so that you can name your Sweat Equity Network-enabled experience any thing you like (including giving it your own brand name).

Administrative toolset

Included in every solution is a comprehensive electronic toolset for real-time administration, management and analysis — so gauge your ROI, right as it happens. And you get direct marketing tools, dedicated programs and promotional tools as part of your solution keep your SEN program top of mind, as well.